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TalkHealthAsia is on a mission to bring healthcare stakeholders together to simplify health information, so that you can take charge of your health.

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We are creatives and thinkers passionate about making health understood, for your better wellbeing.

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The information on TalkHealthAsia is always driven by medical professionals. At the heart of our work is a voluntary group of selected heart-centred doctors across specialties and different hospitals, who are passionate about improving public health literacy.

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

At TalkHealthAsia, we produce content towards empowering ordinary persons making informed decisions on their health. However, information provided by persons featured on TalkHealthAsia are based only on their knowledge at the time of filming. While effort is made to ensure reliability, you must not rely solely on information provided on TalkHealthAsia because they cannot substitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Statements and opinions by any person featured on TalkHealthAsia are not endorsed by TalkHealthAsia, nor do their actions reflect the views or values of TalkHealthAsia.

TalkHealthAsia is made possible by digital media powerhouse Baba ChooChoo. Revenue is raised from banner advertisements on our platforms and subscriptions. To improve information accessibility for consumers, some content is produced through partnerships with healthcare institutions or vendor sponsors. Where this happens, you will see acknowledgement of the relevant third party in the content itself to ensure transparency to viewers. In every instance regardless, it is the healthcare practitioner that dictates the content, for we are committed to doing our best for all content to remain unbiased.

We observe a strict policy of not accepting any contributions from anyone, whether monetary or otherwise, to influence search rankings of healthcare practitioners.

It is TalkHealthAsia’s practice to decline any partnership, sponsorship or advertisement that we deem illegal or inappropriate. Best endeavours are applied for all of our content to remain unbiased and determined solely by healthcare professionals. TalkHealthAsia does not, cannot and will not endorse any treatment, product, service, brand or company visible within or inferred from any content or advertisement found on any of our platforms or any other websites to which you may be redirected.

Community discussion on health is encouraged. However, community comments relating to individuals are unacceptable on TalkHealthAsia and will be removed, as well as any comment that we deem defamatory, malicious or simply irrelevant to the health subject being presented. While we strive to monitor and remove inappropriate or irrelevant remarks, we cannot guarantee immediate removal of such objectionable content.

We reserve the right to update these disclaimers at any time without notice. Please periodically review the latest terms and policies of TalkHealthAsia to stay informed of any changes. Continued use of TalkHealthAsia or accessing its content shall constitute acceptance of revised terms.